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White legion

The White Legion is a mercenary company that have its origins in the legions of the Empire of Dercia.  The legion got its name after the white feathers the legionaries had on their helmets when they arrived in Falrock.   The legion was in a tough situation after the defeat of Clifia, they could not return to Dercia and the clifians didn't trust them since they saw them as both Dercians and traitors. The commander of the legion decided that they would have a better chance as mercenaries than disbanding but they could not stay in Clifia so they marched east towards the Tusmait region where they settled in Falrock and made it their come.    After having secured their base, the soldiers would begin to demand some pay they began to offer their services to the highest bidder.  In the beginning, it was not easy to find jobs since the reputation of having betrayed their homeland in her darkest hour was hard to overcome but after some time their reputation as elite soldiers became more important and they were able to rely on that for jobs.    The legion in the current year of 1285 consists of 6500 mercenaries.


The origins of the white legion date back to The war of Western expansion, where the legion betrayed the Empire of Dercia and went over and fought for the Clifians who in the end would lose the war and the remnants of the legion would then flee to the Grand Duchy of Iceden where they founded their headquarters. They would then spread out on the continent offering up their services.


The legion controls Falrock and its surrounding land. It is one of the few mercenary companies that own more than just a castle or a small fortress. The legion took control over the village when they arrived in the area after the war and decided that the area was well suited for their needs, and when the local lord came with his army to figure out what was going on with a large number of heavily armed fighters on his land he was quickly defeated and his successor quickly figured out that it was better to hire the newcomers than to fight them so they were officially given lordship over the village and surroundings.


While the legion still maintains the same formations as they did when they served Dercia, they have over the years evolved to be able to fight multiple different opponents.   They have become an elite force when it comes to irregular fighting and is renowned for their ability to perform lightning-quick surprise attacks and if needed will fight in even the harshest weather and even at night.

Foreign Relations

The legion has contracts with most of the nations in Mirateia and has over the years served in their armies or performed tasks that were deemed unsuitable for the regular forces.    The relationship between the legion and the Empire of Dercia have never healed and to this day Dercia will send units to fight on the opposing side that the legion serves on or will from time to time send assassins to kill important leaders to break up the legion and disband it.
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