Skipton Naval base

Skipton Naval base was established not long after the end of major hostilities following the Unification war with that goal to hunt the pirates that had established themself in the southern sea because of the breakdown of order that had followed the war.   Unlike other naval bases the Skipton Naval base only houses active personal and not also the personals family and other civilians, this makes the base home to around 3,600 sailors and officers and several land-based personal like carpenters and other maintenance folks.   Skipton Naval base has over the years developed itself into the largest naval outside of the mainland of the empire, this is due to its location at the entrance to the Emerald Sea which means that it does not only protect the sea trade in the area from pirates its duty also consists of keeping an eye on the activities of the Principality of Clifia and it's navy, it was also around Glomia island, the island Skipton is located on that a patrol ship found the ship that would, later on, become the famous pirate hunter HMDS Anzio.   The naval base itself is fairly standard when it comes to Derican military bases, the base has several piers where up to 10 ships are docked at any given time with several other ships lying at anchor a bit further out in the bay with a number of them being of the heavier Imperial class what acts as flagships when large operations are underway. The land part of the base consists of barracks for the sailors arranged in 4 squares with an open building in the middle, with only a roof and no walls, this building serves as the mess hall for the square it is located in. To the western part of the base, that's where all the maintenance buildings are located, this area contains buildings specialized in making ropes, sails.   The eastern part of the base contains 3 larger buildings outfitted for ships undergoing major maintenance. At the western part of the base near the river, a storage building containing lumber that is used to repair the ships is located.


The personal living on the base including sailors consists mainly of humans, elves, half-elves and tabaxies.


The base has a palisade wall surrounding the base itself with a fortress located on a hill.

Guilds and Factions

One of the merchant guilds operates a store selling everyday goods at the base.


Natural Resources

On the island there grow some tasty apples and selling those to the merchant guilds helps the Naval base with their finances.
Founding Date
Alternative Name(s)
Military, Base
Ca. 4000
Included Locations
Owning Organization


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