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Pale mountains

In the Kingdom of Kistals , there is a series of unusually pale mountains compared to the surrounding landscape.   According to a local legend, it said that the pale mountains are the remains of a giant beast. There are different versions of what sort of beast it is, ranging from a gigantic dragon to an enormous lizard. In the stories, the pale mountains came about when the beast, after terrorising the continent of Mirateia, was challenged to a fight by an ancient deity. The fight is also believed to have created many of the surrounding features in the landscape, like the relatively long and straight lake L´Mulligan, when the deity sword missed the beast and instead made a deep cut into the earth that then slowly filled with water it also said that the Nifel mountain valley is the result of the beast being thrown along the ground piling up dirt and rocks, all the stories end with the deity having slain the beast and that the pale mountains are the remains of its spine which is what gives the mountains their unnatural equal spacing and placement.   What the stories have in common is that they are all ancient, having been passed down through generations for thousands of years of the local people and were first written down 4000 IC and what some scholars find interesting is that its believed that the stories originate around the same time as those of the Sinnoque island were its also believed a monster were slain.    When the orcs moved into the area, they stayed clear of the mountains believing the stories to be true and as a result feared the mountains, making them one of the few areas in Kistals were humans, elves and other races can live in peace with minimal interference from the orcs.


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Oct 23, 2023 01:18 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

Ooo. I love the legend so much. I'm so curious if it is true.

Emy x   Etrea | Vazdimet
Oct 23, 2023 08:42

Thanks :) Like most legends, parts of it might be ;)