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Luminae Arcanarii

Luminae Arcanarii is the name given to the elven element of the legions archery compliment, it will be using the Aelirion crossbow.   Historically, the legions marching out from Pearlhal during the second Kingdom of Dercia were using their own archers equipped with a common bow, but as the legions spread out over the region of Dercia, the commanders of the legions, the Legatus Legionis would start to recruit amount the local population and over time, what is now the auxillery troops of the legions were created.    One unit that were incorporated directly into the legions instead of going to the support troops were the elvish archers who instead formed the Luminae Arcanarii and while the majority of these would use the Aelirion crossbow, some would use a more common crossbow but were able to mount a magasin and these archers formed a sub group called Luminae rapide Arcanarii.   Over the years since the unites formation, they have been able to maintain ther elvish traditions, they have seamlessly integrated into the legions structure and some elven communities even have service in the legion as a part of their transition to adulthood.



The size of the unit in the legions varies from time to time, but a competent Legatus Legionis will try and keep their archers ar around the 200 to 300 as this is a size that allows for an effective amount of fire towards the enemy but also allows the unit to remain agile and capable of operating efficiently within the legion during a battle.


the archers as part of the Luminae Arcanarii will use the Aelirion crossbow.


During battles, they function seamlessly within the legion's ranks, alternating between employing disciplined, rapid volleys and coordinated strikes on vulnerable enemy units. Their ability to navigate the terrain with agility and speed enables them to reposition strategically and launch surprise attacks from flanking positions or vantage points.
Around 315 I.C
Overall training Level
Assumed Veterancy
Parent Formation


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