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Emerald Trading Company

The Emerald Trading Company was founded originally by one of the southern city-states along the coast; the goal of the company's founding was to create a lucrative trade that could help with the upkeep of the ongoing war against Pearlhal. the board of directors at the founding consisted of four members of the city-states council as well as the ruler themself and plenty of nobles and upper-middle-class citizens.   For the first many years, the company had limited activity as the investors were scared of investing too much in the company, so the company lacked the capital to buy large enough cargoships to conduct trade in the needed amount to produce a profit.   After a decade of limited trade, the company had enough capital to buy several cargo ships, and at this point, large-scale trading began. The company started generating a considerable amount of profit, which made the investors invest more. The company used this newfound capital to invest in guards onboard the ships and even armed ships to help protect valuable cargo when needed.   After the Alliance of City-states. had lost the First unification war and the Second unification war to the Kingdom of Dercia that had formed as a successor to the kingdom of Pearlhal, the Emerald Trading Company began to experience how profitable being part of what was an empire in all but the name and the company expanded considerably and would soon enough have a foothold in many coastal cities along the continent's southern coast.    During the War of Western expansion, the company would begin a rivalry with the House of Cartwright Merchant Guild who also traded in the same area, and both sides would fight skirmissess with their guards that had evolved into private armies at during the war, especially for the Cartwrights.


The Emerald Trading Company operates eight merchant ships of the Atronia Class alongside several river boats.   The company also has several stores and warehouses in many coastal towns along the southern coast of Mirateia.

Good business is best business

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