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There is a small, well trained garrison located on the outskirts of the town. Typically seen as a assignment held for veterans of the military who have received great honors or seen a lot of combat, this force is more than meets the eye.

Industry & Trade

The large fields of wheat, corn and other farm crops help keep the small empire alive. Much of what is grown here goes on to feed the rest of the nation, and Song has become known as the Heart of Thul.


Song is the main farming community in the Nation of Thul, located far north of the other main settlements along the coast nestled among one of the few open grasslands in the region. Mainly comprised of small wooden homes and structures, windmills and watermills line the riverbanks and hilltops as the people go about their daily lives tending to the crops and trading with the caravans.


Many of the familial homes are small to medium sized, one room homes that are lived in for generations with a surround farm and also a barn.


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