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Cruisers are a class of space ship primarily utilised for their immense versatility. They are operated by many interstellar governments, and a small number of non-government organisations. Larger still than destroyers, cruisers are the most versatile and flexible class of warship in the galaxy. The first cruisers were initially designed as next-generation colony ships, but the navies of the galaxy quickly realised their potential in warfare. They are capable of mounting all but the largest weapon types in varying configurations, and some cruisers carry strike craft. Cruisers often serve as the bulk of task forces, or as the command vessel for smaller fleets. Acting independently or in pairs, they are often used for commerce raiding within enemy territory.

Similarly todestroyers, cruisers are exceptional multirole vessels with a vast array of configurations. "Gunship" cruisers carry medium-sized weapons. They are used for patrol and anti-piracy in peacetime, while in fleet actions they hunt down smaller vessels like corvettes, frigates, and destroyers. This configuration is also the most commonly used for raiding merchant ships. "Artillery" cruisers are armed with heavy, long-range weapons. They provide significant firepower to fleets, aiding battleships in opening salvos against enemy fleets. "Torpedo" cruisers are up-armoured, faster designs intended to breach enemy screen formations and attack capital ships at point-blank range. This design has long been considered risky, but cloaking fields allow it some measure of effectiveness. "Energy torpedo" cruisers are similar to the artillery configuration, firing proton and neutron torpedoes from long range against enemy capital ships. "Carrier" cruisers contain small numbers of strike craft and their facilities, launching them from the edge of their range to patrol, scout, or attack enemy fleets.
Usually 400-1,000m
Complement / Crew
150-1,500 crew


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