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Battleships are a class of space ship primarily intended for space control and fleet actions. They are operated by a number of interstellar governments, and their presence outside of national navies is rare. They are the largest conventional ship type, second only to the rare titans, and are the core of any fleet they are part of. They have extremely heavy armour and shielding, but tend to be slower than most other types of ship, and lack defences against strike craft and torpedoes. As such, fleets surround battleships with escort ships, usually destroyers.. Battleships are the smallest class of ship to mount spinal weapons, massive armaments that run the entire length of the ship. Many battleships also carry small numbers of strike craft, even if they are not designed as dedicated carriers, due to their immense size.

"Gunship" battleships bristle with medium and short range weapons, designed for destroying any ships smaller than them with ease. "Artillery" battleships are often armed with spinal cannons and heavy, long-range artillery, providing fire support and barrage capability to a fleet. "Carrier" battleships are designed to launch large quantities of strike craft from extreme distance, as well as recover and sustain them.
Usually 800-2,500m
Complement / Crew
250-5,000 crew


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