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Destroyers are a class of space ship primarily intended as a multirole escort and fire support vessel. They are operated by many of the spacefaring nations of the galaxy, and a number of non-government organisations. Destroyers are an intermediate class between corvettes and cruisers, and are typically capable of acting independently. They are constructed with a wide variety of mission platforms, capable of performing an equally wide variety of roles.

"Screen" destroyers are the most common, armed with a heavy complement of point-defense systems to defend larger ships in a fleet. "Brawler" destroyers are less common, armed with close-in weapons, as their role is typically filled by corvettes. "Gunship" destroyers are used for patrolling and anti-piracy duties, and can often be seen guarding outlying installations in many starfaring nations. "Artillery" destroyers mount heavy, long-range weapons in order to provide a cheap fire support platform for interstellar navies.
Usually 300-500m
Complement / Crew
100-400 crew


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