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"The moon is her crown,
the stars adorn her dress,
and she illuminates the night.

The Crescent Mistress lights the path,
leads the way,
and shields.
Heed her guidance,
and you shall be free.
Free to light your own path,
and forge your own destiny."

(also known as "the Crescent Mistress") is one of the prime deities in the Eldar pantheon. She is recognized as the goddess of the moon, stars and navigation. She is the sister of Lora and Lorei and a mother to Dihm. She is believed to have created the moon as a light in the darkness of night and the stars as form of guidance to travellers. It is also believed that the stars map the key to the fates of all living things, hence her connection to divination.   Luna is mainly worshipped by sailors, astronomers, diviners, fortune tellers and those who work in the night.   It is believed The Cosmic Axis was made by her design.

Divine Domains

Twilight, Knowledge.

Divine Symbols & Sigils

Luna's primary symbol is that of an oval shield, half-pale blue, half-black, with the colours split diagonally, and a white crescent moon at its centre. Blue represents moonlight, the night sky and the stars. Black represents night. The crescent moon represents the moon itself.

Tenets of Faith

Luna encourages her followers to use her instruments to find their own path and seize their own destiny by pursuing their passions. She advocates staying in the shadows weaved by the moon and let them protect against the zealous light of fanatical good and the absolute darkness of evil. No manuscript references her promise of an afterlife, but it is believed that her worshippers join the stars upon their death.

Divine Goals & Aspirations

Luna wishes to care for the moon and the stars, grant her followers divining guidance and shield them from anyone who would oppress them for their beliefs and practices. As a long term goal, she sides with the gods who would like to see the concept of the afterlife abolished. Tyr convinced her that the threat of the Nether Gods was too great and they required her aid in preparing for what might come. In exchange, he promised that the Aether Gods would seriously consider and discuss to discontinue the concept of the afterlife, it being no longer necessary when the danger had passed. So her current occupation is meditating among the stars, attempting to gain insight or foreseeing the events that would come to pass.
Divine Classification
Prime Deity

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