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Zobeck and the Crossroads

The Free City of Zobeck shares borders with three nations: the dwarven Ironcrag cantons to the west, the human Magdar Kingdom to the southeast, and the female-dominated Perunalia some distance downriver, at the mouth of the River Argent. Together, these regions and nearby areas including the Margreve Forest , the Smolten Hills , and the subterranean cities of the Ghoul Imperium and Lillefor constitute the Crossroads of Midgard.   The regions of Midgard spin around the Crossroads like spokes around a wheel. Everything that goes from north to south and east to west passes along the River Argent , the Sultan’s Road , the Great Northern Road , and other well trod trade routes, all with their own difficulties and dangers.   But the nations that thrive in the heartland know how to spin copper into gold and how to turn a sinking barge into a prince’s ransom. Though they borrow language, customs, tools, and even gods from all their neighbors, the Crossroads have their own code, their own pride, and their own way of doing business.   Welcome to the beating heart of the world.


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