Se2Ep6 Report

General Summary

7/12/2019|Khorsday, snowfall 15


Deciding to look for scation, the characters spoke with Sumnes and found out about a hermit living near some floating rocks and set out in adventure.

The characters came across a tree and a cave that looked familiar, it matched the map they had discovered a while back with "great treasure buried here," written on it. After visually and physically examining the dead looking tree, they entered the cave to find it different than the map. While looking around, the cave grew darker as the tree was moving to block the entrance! The Zombie Treant said, "Those who enter, do not leave." Indeed, after a few rounds of combat, and the treant summoned two more of its kind, the characters fled into a trapdoor in the floor dropping 200 feet into a raging stream. Quickly losing HP and fighting to not get swept away down river or devoured by the seven Swarms of Quippers a clever plan was hatched; use a levitation potion and get down river to safety with aid of the flying carpet.

Upon finding a cave where the water pooled and seeped out the bottom they also discovered bodies, separated from their armor and gear, and all of it organized into piles. Atticus scouted an underwater passage and determined that not everyone would be able to hold their breath and get out alive while everyone else organized the treasure. Taking stock of what they had and making room in the bag of holding, they found a barrel to put Xanza in, while Mistress Arashi drank a gaseous potion and got in the bag of holding with Illomen . There was debate whether or not to stay and look for the ones who had set up this place and after a short rest near the exit that was found the party headed back to the city to make some scrolls.

Rewards Granted

cloak of protection +2
3 suits of plate, chain shirt, breastplate
gear packs with no organics less dense than wood

Missions/Quests Completed


Character(s) interacted with

Spoke with Sumnes about some floating rocks and a hermit that hates warlocks.


You’ve had a string of good luck. Something positive has occurred in your life, what happened?

  • Molly - had a couple of months with her daughter, exploring the coast
  • Xanza - lived through a wolf fight
  • Zed - caught a murderer and found his purpose
  • Illomen - met gummy's fam after the temple burned
  • Atticus - assisted many environmentally (eco warfare) in his travels to zobeck
  • Houstler - Underdark , fortune telling rose him above his stature into the light
  • Mistress Arashi - found change to buy a lunch and saw an old friend and was invited to a class reunion
  • PMS - cleaning garbabe she made the trash into stuff for the homeless and got a trivial
  • edal for helping
  • Fenwick - met the love of his life on a bad gambling streak (lily rosewood, daughter of rosewood's import/export), she rescued him from alcoholism and suicide, wants a noble title to be worth her hand
  • Tannis - family was slavers, kept one around who came to zobeck and is befriending him

City of Zobeck
Report Date
14 Jul 2019
Primary Location
Zobeck and the Crossroads


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