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Stefanstor Fortress

This river fortress sits on a large, stony island in the River Argent, high enough to command the waterway and threaten any ships coming up the river. It is a major customs and border site for traffic between Zobeck and Perunalia. Its commander is River Warden Petschko Valdest (LE human male fighter 8), a thin man with a bottomless appetite for gifts, bribes, and bookkeeping. Remarkably petty and thin-skinned, Petschko remembers every compliment and every bit of gossip about barge captains, and he absolutely plays favorites. However, he always pays the complete and total sum of river tolls to the Zobeck Master of Coin, Volstaff Greymark, both promptly and without stinting. Thus far, this has allowed him to retain his position.

Military, Base
Location under
Zobeck and the Crossroads

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