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Rosehaven Hill

For thousands of years, the fey ruled the Margreve and the surrounding area, including the lands upon which now sit the city of Zobeck and Castle Shadowcrag. Over fourteen hundred years ago, on the advice of an evil advisor named Chorvodni, the Holly King and his fey followers sacrificed a young fey woman with a sword of light and planted a black oak on Rosehaven Hill.   Chorvodni—a shadow lammasu who served Sarastra, the goddess of night, magic, and shadow—led the Holly King to believe this magical sacrifice would trick the goddess and allow him to steal much of her power. Instead, the Heartwood Pact, as the ritual became known, forever cursed the fey to the Plane of Shadow, where Sarastra forced them all into servitude. Their pact also linked the hilltop, and the castle that would later rise upon it, to the Shadow Plane.

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Margreve Forest
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Courts of the Shadow Fey

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