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Courts of the Shadow Fey

The Courts rest on a high plateau in the heart of a dark forest in the (approximate) center of the Shadow Realm. This location corresponds to the Margreve Forest in Midgard, and the twin woods share a strong resemblance and active shadow road connections. Major changes in one location have an impact on the appearance and nature of the other.

The Courts rise from the windswept rock of the cliffs in the forest’s center, monochrome architecture at once both delicate and indomitable. Graceful spans of black stone bridge chasms hundreds of feet deep, and marble colonnades guide supplicants through fantastic gardens to the inner halls. The gray-twilight gloom of the Shadow Realm breaks in the sky above the Courts of the Shadow Fey, allowing the stars to occasionally show their glittering points of light to those that study illumination magic. Even the moon shines directly on the Moonlit King’s home-in-exile, the Tower of the Moon.

Despite the opulence of the architecture, newcomers to the Courts of the Shadow Fey can’t help but wonder why the halls are entirely deserted. The only creatures present to greet first-time supplicants are strange constructed footmen—empty suits of graceful plate armor. Exploration of the halls reveals room after empty room, save for crows and rooks, owls, and the occasional scurrying mouse.

Demography and Population

1,000,000 shadow fey, 300,000 goblins, 150,000 dark fey, supplicants, and traders

Total 1,500,000


Corremel, City of Lanterns (50,000) 30,000 shadow fey, 15,000 goblins, 5,000 dark fey and traders
Hunt’s Retreat (7,700) 4,000 shadow fey, 3,000 shadow goblins, 500 Gnomes, 200 Humans
Dalliance (6,700) 4,400 shadow goblins, 2,000 Shadow Fey , 300 Elves
Wormwood (3,500) 1,800 shadow fey, 900 goblins, 800 Gnomes
Courts of the Shadow Fey (300) 150 shadow fey, 100 goblins, 50 supplicants to the court
Nightbrook Court (100) shadow fey
Sable Court (100) shadow fey
Tower of Horn and Gold (50) shadow fey


  • Map of Corremel-in-Shadow

    A ray of light amidst the mysterious darkness of the Shadow Realm is Corremel, City of Lanterns. The busy metropolis, sometimes referred to as Corremel-in-Shadow, is lit by countless lanterns made of an assortment of materials: black iron, sparkling silver, polished glass, and, on occasion, bone. Corremel is situated on the banks of the River Lethe.

Court, Royal
Head of Government
Her Celestial and Royal Majesty, Sarastra Aestruum, Queen of Night and Magic, Duchess of the Heavens, Countess of Thorn, Mistress of Air and Darkness, Lady of the Summer Palace, and Bride of Shadows
Government System
Monarchy, Absolute
Related Ethnicities

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