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Mammon (Rank 3): Ministrant

The rank of ministrant is the highest position anyone can hope to attain without being sworn to Mammon. As a ministrant, you study finance, while managing the priests and knights under your control.


You are given a servitor thrull that is yours to command. If it is killed, your Pontiff gives you a new one at their discretion, possibly up to 1d4 weeks later. You also have a staff of 2d4 knights and 4d8 preists under your command. You can order them only to carry out tasks that contribute to the work your pontiff assigns to you. The duty of protecting you from physical harm is always appropriate service for your knights, however. Your knights can be knights or priests, and your priests are either nobles or acolytes Between adventures, you can now maintain a wealthy lifestyle.

Religious, Special
Reports directly to
Mammon (Rank 4): Pontiff
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