Mammon (Rank 2): Knight

Each knight carries a title that expresses a quality of character, such as Knight of Penance or Knight of Despair. As a knight, you have authority over advokists , and you are trusted — so far as anyone trusts anyone else — to transport and protect large portions of the cults reserves.

You collect penance, lead rites (and take offerings), perform ceremonies, and offer counsel to your superiors when asked. As a Knight, you draw up contracts and put your skills to use in a variety of ways.


Prerequisite: Rank 1 and renown 10


When you’re sent on a mission that poses a potential threat, your superior bestows on you an Orzhov charm. In addition, you have the authority to demand service from borrowers. But that’s an authority you must use sparingly, since their service counts as credit to their debt, and it’s in the guild’s interest to keep borrowers in debt.

Religious, Special
Reports directly to
Mammon (Rank 3): Ministrant
Related Organizations

Cover image: by Doug Wohlfeil


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