Sons of Mammon

In a city where everyone seems to be growing rich, some can never quite get enough. The arch-devil Mammon’s worship spreads among the guilds and the merchants of Zobeck despite all efforts to destroy it, and they honor him with shrines boasting floors of hammered coins and bejeweled idols of gold and silver. The devil of wealth promises Zobeckers exactly what they want to hear. Indeed, so prevalent is the cult that any successful businessman soon finds himself hounded by rumors of a pact with Mammon.


The reality is much less than the rumor, in this case. Mammon preys on the wealthy of the city, but rarely does he grant wealth. Rather, he plays on the fears of those already rich that they might lose their good fortune, and in this way ensnares them into his vile service, coupling with devils and abasing themselves to win the Golden Devil’s favor. Dwarves seem more than usually tempted by Mammon’s offers to make their wealth safe and to make it breed.

Cover image: by Doug Wohlfeil


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