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Varldstan Cericor Setting Introduction

The Fourth Boundry is Broken
Varldstan Cericor. A realm that is a city spanning planetary size. Here one may find items and individuals from across all of Vael'Eteria. Here you can never be sure of who or what you meet as you walk along the busy city streets, nor can you be sure you are involved in their planes, be they benevolent, malevolent, or neutral.
No day or night is the other one alike, and new faces will be seen each and every day. The same goes for fortunate opportunities and lethal dangers. Some roam the city by day, others at night. Some are sapient and humanoid, some are not.  

Setting Explained

Among the Alézun'Teran Settings, Varldstan Cericor is without a doubt the closest and most intricately connected to the Inn Project, due to the simple fact that it naturally grew out of it over time beginning with the World Ends Inn.
It is currently one of the main settings that I am working on and ironically one of the ones I am struggling the most with. Figuring out how it stands in correlation with the other realms and settings within Alézun'Teran is an ongoing struggle one could say. A path riddled with roadblocks and obstructions.
It is also one of my more interesting settings in my opinion and one that continues to grow with each idea I have. Along with the brainstorming help I get from my friends at my Discord.
Speaking of friends on Discord, one of the main attractive characteristics of Varldstan Cericor is that some of its inhabitants are self-inserts from members of the World Anvil Discord, such as Chimera Valmundi or Apteron Arratay. Thanks to their contributions, the setting has grown in quite some unexpected ways.
Out of all my settings, Varldstan Cericor would be the most shared world-building project I have. One that I will gladly accept ideas and concepts for. It is also a setting that allows for some truly strange characteristics, from science fiction themes blending with high fantasy ones, such as a cyborg blood mage in the case of Damion Ravare. Or what about a magical Wellspring that spits out anything from a flood of milk and roses, to a mute beast of a man that communicate with organ music.  

Read by Soft-Inserts.

Similar to all other settings within Miand'Mésvéstell, the articles you find connected to Cericor are excerpts from in-world books or individuals. The books (or whichever medium the information are stored in) are read by soft-inserts of you the reader known as Bosakere. Technically, a soft-insert of you (a Bosakere) is currently hearing the Voice of Leno speak these words, though they might not fully understand them.  
The Fourth Boundry is Healed
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