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Taviel is one of the amaeverian high elf families. As family name it is pretty common but hasn't gotten the image of an old family. Most of the Taviel's come from the continent of South Velkas, though some usage of the name has been met in Empire of Islenor as well.   The name has also seen some usage as a first name. In these cases, it has been seen as a male name.   The etymology of the name is uncertain, but one possible explanation is that "ta" comes from the elven word for "fox", and "viel" would have developed from "Vael" meaning "blades" or "vel" meaning "blade". Another theory agrees on "ta" meaning fox, but suggests that "viel" might have developed from the suffix "-ihel" meaning "sadness" or "tears".
Most used in
Republic of Amaever
Most commonly used by
High Elves


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