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Only few deities have such contradicting reputation as Sharess, goddess of cats, lust, passion, temptation, and hedonism. For others, she is the god of merriment, and for others, she is more like a treacherous and vengeful succubus. Passion is a fickle mistress indeed, and as such, is its reputation as well.

Divine Domains

Cats, especially domestic ones, are connected to Sharess, and she is considered their protection deity. Cats are said to display the best what their divine patroness is after: getting rid of pests that ruin one's day while playing with one's prey, enjoying the spots in the sun, being worshipped by others and enjoying your existence.

Lust, passion, temptation, sensuality and hedonism are connected to Sharess, but generally in their more carnal forms. Sharess is the goddess for those that boldly look for experiences and look for pleasure.

Sharess is also associated with celebrations, wine, dancing, sloth, travel, trickery and sometimes even envy and vengeance in matters of love or romantic conquest.

Physical Description

Body Features

Goddess of lust is often depicted as a beautiful, voluptuous woman with the head of a cat, though the type of cat and the nature of her "voluptuousness" can vary due to what is seen as particularly erotic by the culture depicting her.

Cultures of Leonin and Tabaxi show as very cat-like and more kin to a beast folk, like themselves, where humans attempt to make her seem more human-like, even depicting her cat-like face more as a mask, than an actual face or with long, raven-black hair. These depictions are known to be particularly confusing for the Leonin, and they may even take offense to it.

Colour of the fur and skin of the goddess varies, but most depictions describe her as tawny. Her eyes can appear golden, bronze, copper and brass. She is often depicted dressed in revealing, beautiful garments of gold and bright colours, fitting to culture depicting her, and many times she is depicted topless.

Personality Characteristics

Virtues & Personality perks

Playful and independent Sharess brings pleasures and experiences to those that find themselves in her presence, sharing the delights of life with those that dare to share them. She is easy going and pleasant to be around, and her sharp wit is both charming and engaging. Her sphere of influence makes her a good diplomat and light of any party.

Vices & Personality flaws

While not the most aggressive of gods and often avoiding conflicts, Sharess can be vengeful and petty for those that break her trust. Rage is just another form of passion, and revenge can feel very pleasurable for those that seek it.

She isn't known as the most faithful of the gods either, and thus she has a bad habit to leave a trace of broken hearts behind her. Her selfishness sometimes gets the best of her, making people see her as cruel or uncaring, though her followers remind one, that as a cat, Sharess is independent and thus doesn't stay with those who do not worship her in ways that she deserves.


Like a cat, Sharess is particularly considered of her cleanliness and is often depicted grooming herself, and keeping herself otherwise flawless. Her followers are urged to do the same.


Contacts & Relations

Sharess is often considered more carnal counterpart for Sune, goddess of love, passion and beauty and Lliira, goddess of Joy. In some regions, Sune and Sharess are considered as two names of the same entity, and at times, Sharess is seen as Sune's servant. View of the relationship between Sharess, Sune and Lliira usually mirrors the fact is Sharess seen as a malicious or benevolent deity.

Sharess is also known as the opposite force to Loviatar, goddess of pain. Sometimes cultural groups and philosophies favour one of the goddesses over the other: Some see Loviatar as a source of misery, and Sharess as a source of joy; others see Loviatar's role as keeper of order and Sharess as the bringer of disruption and chaos. Despite the general view on the goddess, their rivalry stays consistent in any area where both goddesses are recognized.

Family Ties

Both Leonin and Tabaxi cultures see Sharess as the wife of Nobanion, lion-headed god, and this sentiment is shared by several other cultural groups. However, Sharess has a reputation of having fleeting romantic relationships with several deities.

Sometimes those whom see Sharess as the servant of Sune, also consider her as her daughter.


Divine Classification
Goddess of lust, passion, temptation, hedonism and cats
Chaotic neutral
Honorary & Occupational Titles
The Dancing Lady
Patroness of Festhalls
Mother of Cats
The Lustful Mistress
Feline of Felicity
Succubus of Sensation
The Tawny Temptress

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