Nirine-plant has lot of symbolic meaning to high elves of Islenor. It's leaves and flowers appear on noble family symbols, architecture, literature and other arts. The plant symbolizes beauty and resilience, and rare nirine-flower are seen as omen of change, good or bad.

Basic Information

Biological Traits

Nirines grow similar to ivy plants, crawling against any surface they can find. Leaves are evergreen and are hard to pick up without using a knife thanks to their tenaciousness. Nirines flower only rarely, but when they do, they make gorgeous white flowers with a red center, shape mix between the bell and a lily. It grows adventitious roots and can spread, when given enough time, to very large areas covering small forests.

The plant grows from both seed and cuttings but is a slow grower. This is partial because it grows it's root very deep and far, making sure it will survive.

Ecology and Habitats

Nirine can grow in very harsh environments, and is surprisingly hard to kill. It is most commonly found in forest floor or cliff sides, and many times in places were other plants cannot grow. It can turn in to a weed and kill other plants around it, if kept unchecked.

Additional Information

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Nirine is most commonly found in northern Islenor, though there is some reports of plants growth further south in Umeros.

Average Height
5-20 cm without support
Average Length
Single plant can produce ivy's 30 m in length


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