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Grand Attendant

Inspired by Summercamp 2020 prompt

Position of the Grand Attendant is often seen as a position of power by outsiders that are unaware of inner workings of The Conclave of the Frost Scrolls. In practice when dealing with people outside of the Conclave, that might as well be so. In reality though, Grand Attendant is simply the face of the organisation, where actual power is held by the inner council which Grand Attendant is part of.

As the community of the scientific elite, The Conclave has always been a centre of attention, in good and the bad. Managing their image is thus vital to keep appearances and to fix misunderstandings. And after all, there needs to be someone to speak to from the group's behalf if the situation demands so - that is the mantle the Grand Attendant to take care of.


For one to get the rank of the Grand Attendant, they must already be a well-established member of the Conclave and part of the small council inside the order. They must have shown devotion to their craft and the order and gotten the trust of the other members of the organisation.


The Grand Attendant must be sociable and have good standing both inside the Conclave as well as in their own community. They are a veteran member of the order, and while not a hard rule, the candidate should live somewhere near a puzzling city centre or on an otherwise central place, to ease up travelling and communication.


Candidate for the position is chosen amongst the small council of the conclave, that votes on who they find most suitable for the job. If the council cannot agree on the matter, the large vote is held by the all order members.


The Grand Attendant must make sure that the fine name of the order stays unsullied. They represent the order in large events and approach the possible new members. They also reply (or at least sign) most of the organisation's mail.

Scientific, Honorific
Form of Address
Attendant, grandmaster
Equates to
Source of Authority
Current Holders
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Aug 3, 2020 15:05 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

The Grand Attendant is such a great title. I would love to swoop around knowing I was called that.