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Chubby Pony Pub

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If you are looking for a good filling meal in the harbour of the Moon Terrace, look no further than the magnificent, tasty and cosiest place of them all: The Chubby Pony Pub. Not only that, this jovial establishment is made with the smaller patrons in mind, while also gathering for the longer folk on the side. And you bet, that against all odds, the fine tall folks flock to eat the best food in town!

Fancy dinners in snobby places? BAH! If you truly care for that special someone, you bring them to have the finest mead and the best ho cooking halflings can offer.

Purpose / Function

This sweet little pub is currently under the ownership of the Boffin family, more specific, lead by Keni Boffin. THe pub offers food and entertainment for their customers, often employing some of the local bards to bring some light music to their establishment.


Chubby Pony is a cosy little pub, with the those who are little in mind, in fact. As the pub-owning family is halflings, unlike many other pubs and taverns in Moon Terrace, furniture and decorations are made to be easily transformed to halfling-sized furniture to fit medium-sized creatures and not the other way around. this already gives the place its own type of intimacy and style.

Space is purposefully made to be homely and comfortable, giving more of inviting feel. From rustic lace-tablecloths and cute curtains and charming mixed-and-matched tableware, coming to Chubby Pony is more like coming home than entering a high-end restaurant, which is its main appeal.


In the Chubby Pony, you are almost immediately greeted by the owner Keni Boffin or one of his relatives that share the upkeep with him. The staff also includes some outside-of-family staff members, including (but not limited to) Ripley Sackville.

Keni loves to indulge his customers with merry atmosphere, and thus he lets several local bards perform in his tavern. While the feeling of the establishment is quite relaxed, that doesn't mean one wouldn't see some important people visiting and enjoying their time there. One of the more famous regulars is definitely the legendary gladiator Turo Heavenlyhair.

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This definitely sounds like a pub I'd love to visit. Sounds so cosy and welcoming.

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