Aasimars are descendants of humanoids and celestial beings, usually angels. Aasimar's come in many shapes and sizes, usually having the closer resemblance of their humanoid parent(s), with some twists that have been inherited from the angelic parent or ancestor. In some cases, the difference is so subtle, that most would not realise that they are dealing with aasimar at all.

Compared to tieflings, aasimars tend to be far more rare and hard to come by, due to their less obvious appearance and the nature of the angels that they descent from. Angels do not tend to bless humanoid lines with their blood or procreate with them to a similar degree to fiends, being far pickier about their chosen. This can majorly affect how aasimars are viewed, making them both revered and frightening, depending of whom you ask.

Basic Information

Biological Traits

Curiously, aasimars don't tend to have such overtly distinct features as some of the other hybrid species, though differences between individual aasimar can be far more bizarre and striking. Some tells of the aasimar-blood can be metallic- or jewel-like colouring and reflection in eyes, skin or hair, rarely all at once, and sometimes in a very subtle manner.

Genetic Ancestor(s)
Depends on the parent species
Average Height
Depends on the parent species
Average Weight
Depends on the parent species
Related Ethnicities

Quick generate character

Need an NPC or a character idea? This is a quick and dirty way to make character ideas in seconds.

About Aasimar: As aasimar is a hybrid race, it is possible in the world of Melyria that they have very curious ancestry. This generator considers that your aasimar is human born, but if you wish to have them mix with another race, feel free to use other race's chart. Age and common features from height to weight come from whichever you choose to use as a base. With elves, aasimar would look and age like a half-elf.

Quick generate - Alignment

Roll the Dice
1Lawful Good
2Lawful Neutral
3Lawful Evil
4Neutral Good
6Neutral Evil
7Chaotic Good
8Chaotic Neutral
9Chaotic Evil

Quick generate - Gender

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Human - Age

Roll the Dice
18-24Young adult
41-60Middle aged


Below you find tables to help determine your character's basic physique.


Here you can find the height chart(s) for the species. Notice that "very short" and "very tall" are beyond average height scope. Feel free to push size beyond these measurements, if required. Heights are loosely based on the official DnD lore, rulebooks and other material, but might have been altered drastically.


Below you find the weight modifiers for the species to calculate the estimated weight. The numbers are based on DnD lore, rulebooks and other material, and edited for added variation and changed to something that resembles a BMI (wouldn't recommend using them as a health guide though). On the side, you have a calculator to figure out the weight.

Height Table, Male (cm) - Humans, hobgoblins, tabaxi and similar

Roll the Dice
150-158Very short
190-197Very tall

Height Table, Female (cm) - Humans, hobgoblins, tabaxi and similar

Roll the Dice
140-147Very short
177-184Very tall

Weight Modifier - Group H

Roll the Dice
16.9(or lower) Frail
30(or above) Heavy

Extra Descriptor

Roll the Dice
1Healthy / Pretty / Inviting
2Sickly / Weak / Meek
3Fit / Active / Strong
4Regal / Vigorous / Controlled
5Hunched / Tense / Fidgety


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