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Cc''tkpu (cc''tkpu᷅, see Sc Pct'tk Kx'ct'ti for information on pronounciation) is the homeworld of the Tttiiuu. It is known for its unique giant forest (Kx'ct'ti: cc''tkpù) ecosystem.


A large part of the landmass of Cc''tkpu is dominated by the giant forests, where arguably the dominant lifeform are the giant trees (Kx'ct'ti: Kkhcu᷄; plural Kkhcu᷄ìi) also called Kkhc trees. These trees grow up to 300m tall, enabled by the low gravity of the planet. All other plant life, and by extension all animal life in these ecosystems relies on the energy absorbed by these trees through photosynthesis in some way. Many other plant species rely on some level of parasitism to extract energy and nutrients from the giant trees.   There are typically two ecosystems in Kkhc forests; one in the canopy, feeding off the branches of the trees and limited sunlight, and one on the ground, feeding off the roots and plant and animal biomatter fallen from the canopy ecosystem. In some regions, there are also subspecies of giant trees which form large divets in their crowns, where a kind of lake forms, leading to further sub-ecosystems. There are multiple species of Kkhc trees, adapted to different climates, each of which supports different ecosystems.   Besides the giant forest ecosystems, there are also a number of other ecosystems, including steppes, deserts, and oceans. Only very little of the planet's landmass is near the poles, so the few ecosystems of colder temperatures are isolated from each other and have resulted in some unique species.

Ecosystem Cycles

While Cc''tkpu has significant axial tilt, the relative sparsity of landmasses away from the equator reduces the relevance of seasonal cycles. Additionally, the giant forest ecosystems retain and produce a significant amount of heat, as well as limiting insolation of anything but the topmost canopy layer, thus reducing both daily temperature fluctuations and seasonal variation.
Inhabiting Species

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