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Member of the UDSA

The Tttiiuu (proper pronounciation not possible for humans; commonly approximated as /tiːu/ or /tɾi:u/) are a cephalopodean member of the UDSA.

Basic Information


The Tttiiuu evolved in the giant forests of their low-gravity homeworld, favoring locomotion by swinging between large branches. This led to them, like many other species from the same planet, developing a roughly cephalopodean body plan with 6 tentacle-like locomotory gripping appendages measuring up to 2 meters in length. These gripping appendages feature cartilage-like structures which curl up under mechanical stress, making it essentially effortless for Tttiiuu to hang from things. While they are capable of moving on flat surfaces, they struggle to do so in standard gravity and prefer hanging rather than resting on surfaces, which was one factor that led to the UDSA standardizing ceiling bars on all ships and facilities.   Besides these locomotory appendages, they also have three appendages with three-fingered hand-like structures used for fine manipulation.   Tttiiuu anatomy is adapted to low gravity, and unlike most other known species they seem to not suffer any significant negative effects from long-term microgravity. They also seem to adapt much more easily to moving in microgravity, likely due to evolving in a more three-dimensional environment than most others. While they do adapt to higher gravity reasonably well, anything noticably above UDSA standard gravity causes severe discomfort when lying down.

Civilization and Culture

Major Language Groups and Dialects

Tttiiuu languages make significant use of rhythmic clicks and tones, making them essentially impossible to pronounce for humans and very difficult to precisely express using typical phonetic notation. The converse applies as well, as Tttiiuu are unable to pronounce most of the sounds found in the languages of other species. Notably however, the Orr are capable of emulating the sounds of Tttiiuu languages closely enough for conversation.

Common Etiquette Rules

Tttiiuu society puts high value on humor and enjoying life. It is considered polite to introduce oneself to strangers with a joke, a custom which can lead to some misunderstandings in interacting with other species. Tttiiuu crew members on EDF ships have a reputation for being the life of any shipboard party.   In particular, practical jokes are popular, though traditionally it is considered rude to play pranks on people one is not familiar with, an attitude which has loosened somewhat in recent decades. Practical jokes that could potentially cause injury are highly taboo however, and can lead to individuals being ostracized even in mild cases.

Culture and Cultural Heritage

Much of Tttiiuu cultural heritage lies in poetry and writing, which unfortunately due to the inaccessibility of their language has led to it being mostly ignored in most other cultures.
Geographic Distribution

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