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Scs'ckti᷄, (see Sc Pct'tk Kx'ct'ti for pronounciation) also referred to as bread nut vine colloquially, is a common plant cultivated on the Tttiiuu homeworld of Cc''tkpu. It is a vine which grows parasitically from the canopy of the giant trees and is cultivated for its nuts (called Scs'cktú) , which are processed into flour and form a staple of Tttiiuu diet.

Basic Information

Genetics and Reproduction

In the wild, the vines slowly grow from the roots of giant trees upwards until they reach the canopy, where they pollinate through direct contact with other vines. After pollination, they will start growing downwards and developing nuts. These nuts are then either carried off by small animals or simply drop off to the ground, where they implant in the roots and start the cycle anew. On some occasions, animals carrying the nuts will implant them into parts of the canopy.   When cultivated, the nuts are typically intentionally implanted in the canopy in pairs to speed up the process.

Ecology and Habitats

Scs'ckti vines depend on the giant trees (Kkhcu᷄) which form the basis of most of the ecosystems of Cc''tkpu. The vines leech nutrients from the canopy branches (and occasionally trunks) of the giant trees in order to grow. Multiple cultivars adapted to different climate zones exist, and regional cuisine is influenced by the local variations of scs'ckti.

Additional Information

Uses, Products & Exploitation

Scs'ckti vines are widely cultivated and serve as a staple food. Fields of the vines are implanted into the canopies and left to grow until they nearly reach the ground, at which point they are cut near the top and collected to strip the nuts. The vines will keep growing after being cut, and a single planting will usually yield 3-4 harvests.   After harvesting the nuts, they are shelled and typically ground into flour which is used in various Tttiiuu staple foods. Less commonly, the nuts are roasted and seasoned and eaten directly.
Geographic Distribution

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