Gaia Sector

There's nothing like a pleasant hike through the park! Experience nature, from the comfort of home! Book your ticket today!  
— Gaia Happy Hiking Trails Commercial
  The Gaia Sector is a country-sized park, right in the middle of the Megacorpolis. It is an entire sector of green fields, lush forests, and trickling rivers, packaged and ready to be sold to citizens hungry some nature. Carefully cultivated wilderness has been painstakingly arranged to suit any number of business ventures from hiking to hunting. Though some wealthy citizens live in the ring of buildings around the park, most of it is reserved for business. Nature, caged and pruned, has proven to be very profitable.    


by Bagheera Jungle Book Live Action



  Engineered to be the ideal business park, Gaia is impeccably balanced between several temperate biomes - primarily forest, grassy plains, and hills. Every part of it has been designed and sculpted to fit the corporate vision of nature - tame and profitable. Between the vast plains, ready-made for picnics, concerts, and festivals, dense woodland and jagged hills cut the park into billable chunks. The forests look wild and primordial, but not so much that hikers and cyclists can't find their trails. Rivers and lakes are plentiful, attached to underground stations that pump and filter the waters. The park itself has a sort of uneven oblong shape, with a few man-made mountains towering in the skylines.  
by Nandini Jungle Resort & Spa Bali

Gaia is loosely divided into zones of corporate control, usually organized into thematically appropriate packages. Landmarks are especially desirable locations for both visitors and mega-corporations. Hotels, markets, and theme-park attractions dot the Sector, ever ready to provide entertainment or refreshments at inflated costs.   Few corporations are fortunate enough to own a single hiking trail from beginning to end. When corporations own different parts of the same zone, negotiations and maneuvering begin. Most areas of the Gaia Sector end up as joint-ventures, with rare and valuable exceptions, and vendors regularly get into fights over potential customers.
Less popular environments such as swamps or bogs are set aside to less-frequented trails.   Some are so rarely visited that they become homes to squatters and Ferals.
  Almost everything in Gaia has once been graced by a genengineer's attention, from plants to animals. Even the grass has been modified to be more resilient to the abuse that careless visitors might visit on it. In some parts of Gaia, every branch and rock has been placed according to design - no doubt with much micro-managing. The animals look precisely right and behave like out of a cartoon.   Repeat visitors sometimes become jaded, but such behavior is tracked, and the occasional feral animal is released just to keep everyone on their toes. Special events and holidays feature custom-designed creatures released into the park, with some favorites returning year after year.  

Sections of the park are reserved for full experimental environments for those with a taste for something different.   Mock alien worlds or settings from popular media is recreated in great detail, fenced off from the rest of the park. Admission to these always costs extra, and cross-over events between big franchises are popular.   This year, the DNAwesome Megacorp has hinted that the events will be "huge", leading to wild speculations about what genetic monstrosity will be released into the Sector.   These parts of the Sector often double as test-beds for a variety of genetic experimentation, but that's why visitors sign a waiver.
by Lenise Zika

Slice Of Nature

  The Gaia Sector park is a busy and prosperous place. Everything from fishing, hunting, and hiking to paintball arenas or staged adventures take place within its borders at reasonable prices. The competition between corporations is fierce, but little of the actual shooting takes place within the parks. Everything from picnic kits to java can be bought from stalls across the park, but the most popular product is the sense of adventure. As a result, it is also the most expensive one.  
The park is vast; so large that parts of it have very little oversight. Hikers can and do easily get lost in forgotten parts of the park. Enough of them neglect to buy insurance that there exist tribes of feral hikers, deep within the woodlands of Gaia.
  Parts of the park are busy enough that citizens need to book their trip months in advance. After especially busy seasons, entire regions of Gaia shut down to deal with the aftermath. Corporations are exploring the option of selling the trash-cleaning as a sort of eco-helping experience. Smaller parks around the city vie for part of the business, but any that get too big tend to get firebombed.   There's no other place like Gaia in Megacorpolis - the corporations have made sure of that.  



Sector 8   The Megacorpolis divides itself into Sectors, each one large enough to envelop any single city of the old world with ease. No single Megacorporation control any of the 13 sectors in its entirety, and those who try quickly find out that corporations, in fact, can work together.   Sectors are patchworks of corporate enclaves, production, office spaces, and housing, circled by forgotten slums.   Gaia is designated as Sector 8.

The Dark Park

  For people who want something more than the family-friendly glades and happy animals, there is the Dark. Deep inside the park, the forest grows dense and gloomy, with no safety railings or helpful guides. Feral animals stalk the shadows, and hikers must be careful and clever.   Of course, it's all an illusion. Like the rest of Gaia, the Dark is just a mimicry of nature; crafted to look and feel like a savage, dangerous wilderness. In reality, the most dangerous animal hikers here are likely to face is another human.    
For a small fee, a true adventurer can have their reception cut and garbled while lost in the wild, forcing them to rely on their wits and skills rather than just Google.


  As the geo-engineering of the Sahara Nature Reserve draws to a close, the Gaia park faces serious competition for the first time in its existence. The reserve is vast - many times the size of even the Gaia Sector. Citizens tired of the manufactured wilderness of the sector go there now, for a different type of manufactured wilderness.   Younger corporations, long shut out from the established patterns of the Gaia sector, look to the Sahara Nature reserve as an alternative. Others still look at the rest of the world and wonder where else might make an profitable eco-tourism spot.  
The Sahara Nature Reserve
Geographic Location | Jun 29, 2020

With enough profit at stake, all things are possible. Such thinking has seen the Sahara desert become a thriving wilderness, ripe for exploitation once more.


Hunting Bigfoot

  The park is a popular setting for Monster Hunter type of reality shows, all convinced (or pretending to be) that some sort of creature lurks somewhere within the park. Really, with all the shows, the park would have been crowded by monsters.     Sometimes, the corporations play along by releasing some genetic construct and spice the ratings; especially if said creature is the monster of some new release.  
For those who want to be outdoorsy but don't want to get mud on their designer boots, blimp rides across the park is a popular way to do it.   These sometimes include firearms and almost always alcohol, so watch out below.


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