The Purge

Calvin became annoyed with Canthal and snapped at her, "I was a child! Do you understand that? I was a child when I watched my Master die! I had no business being in war!"
The Purge is an event that happened near the end of the Separatist War and most people don't know about the conflict. What is known is that it was designed to purge the military religious group commonly called the Guardians of the Peace because they were all branded traitors.

The Conflict


This is a conflict at the very end of the Separatist War and it took place simultaneously throughout the Galaxy within the ranks of the Republic Army which was on the verge of victory in the war.


All parties were already deployed on various missions and battles throughout the Galaxy. The only thing that changed for the Purge to happen was the orders that were given to the commanders by passing the chain of command.


The battles took place throughout the Galaxy on many planets and several fronts. In some cases, it happened on Battleships where no other battles were taking place.


The conditions of the battle were varied because there were so many different fields and fronts. Some were active warzones with the Separatist Alliance and others were on ships or places were there wasn't any battles happening.

The Engagement

The President gave an order to the commanders instead of the generals and admirals who had higher command. The order was coded to kill all of the Jagerio Knights and Jagerio Councilors that they worked with. This order also stated that all members of the Jagerio Order regardless of standings or age were to be executed. All survivors were ordered to be hunted down and killed.


Most of the Jagerio were killed and few of them survived. Those that did went into hiding or were captured by the Empire instead of being killed.


After the fall of the Guardians of the Peace the Empire established the Inquisition to take their place as the military religious group used as a weapon by the government.    The new Inquisition was made up of fallen Jagerio Knights, Jagerio Councilors, and others with similar Marks of Power and Psionic Gifts. The organization also trained others not as gifted as Purge Soliders to help hunt the surviving Jagerio.

Historical Significance


The general public had mixed feelings about the Purge some agreed with the Emperor that the Guardians of the Peace betrayed the Old Republic. They believed that the Order was corrupted by political pursuits and were warmongers. They also believed that the Jagerio didn't try to make or facilitate peace between the Republic and the Separatist Alliance. Instead, the Jagerio fought as leaders in the war. These people are the same ones that protested against the Jargio as the end of the war drew closer and their popularity plummeted.   Others, however, also agreed with the Purge for all of those reasons but didn't believe that all of the Jagario were traitors and that some were loyal and good. Some in this group also believed that they all didn't deserve their organization to be killed and people wiped out. Another group of people believed that the Jagerio didn't deserve any of it. These people often keep their opinions to themselves because they don't want to be branded as traitors.
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Conflict Result
As recorded in the history books this was a victory.


The Republic Army


The Jagerio Knights led the Republic Army as Generals and they were close to the often Clone captains and commanders that they served with.   The Knights are trained to use various Psionic Gifts such as Telekinesis and other such gifts to fight in the Separatist War. While the few Jagerio Councilors who were in the Order had to become warriors or be branded as traitors to the Old Republic for even trying to make peace early on in the war.   As the war drew on and on causing more and more Jagerio to die at alarming rates to where they could barely recruit enough to replace their ranks. This caused the Jagerio Council to lower the age of Apprentices to seven and drawing children in the war. This greatly weakened the Order as a sick and broken organization is the only one that sends children to fight.
The army was mostly composed of Clone soldiers that were trained since they were children to fight in the Separatist War. They were a formidable fighting force and almost all high-ranking military positions were held by the Clones. All of these Clones have a list of orders for various situations that they are programmed with and all of these orders are secret and only a few know about them. One of these orders is the one to kill the Jagerio.   However, not all of the soldiers in the army were Clones some were of other backgrounds and peoples but they were often not as high ranking as the Clones. These people were used to taking orders from the Clones and didn't question their orders. If there was an officer who wasn't a Clone during the war they often went with orders that the Clones got.   During the Purge, the officers who were not Clones got the same message as the others with the order but since they didn't know what the code meant they asked the Clones. This caused the Clones to tell the officer what the code meant and two things could happen. First, the officer went along with it and betrayed the Jagerio along with the Clones. On the other hand, the office would not want to carry out the orders. In this case, the officers were either arrested or also killed by the Clones.   The only Jagerio Knight who survived because he didn't have any Clones serving with him was Rolmar Prolin. There were no Clones to explain what the order was so they finished their mission and found out about the fall of the Old Republic and the rise of the Empire.   Aside from that the Army was numerous and outnumbered the Jagerio so during the Purge, it was easy for them to overpower the Jagerio and kill them.


The Guardians of the Peace were nearly wiped out very few survived and went into hiding. Others were captured and tortured and twisted into serving the new Empire as Inquisitors for the Inquisition.
Since the Clones and other people who made up the military had the element of surprise. However, due to the Psionic Gifts of their enemy they suffered many casualties as well. Ships full of people killed in explosions and crashes. Since some fronts were active fronts the army also died to the Separatist Alliance's army.


During the event of the Purge the Guardians of the Peace which was completely made out of the Jagerio people were more interested in protecting their young Apprentices. To the Masters surviving the Purge was not as important as saving the few children they had left.   Those that didn't have Apprentices were focused on surviving and escaping the soldiers trying to kill them. A few of them snuck into the Peace Temple and altered the beacon to warn any survivors away from the temple and other places where they used to gather.   Everyone who survived shared the goal of keeping their heads down and avoiding the Empire. However, want to do more than survive by fighting the Empire.
Their orders were to wipe out all Guardians of the Peace made up of Jagerio Knights after the Jagerio Council tried to assassinate the President.


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