"On second thought, it would be fun to bring you in!" The Tenth Sister yelled as she charged Calvin who blocked her but her onslaught was brutal.   "Just to watch you break like the rest of us! Wait until the torture and mutilation begins! Then the isolation and darkest. Everything you know and loved taken from you! Your droid and your friends!"   "I won't let you hurt them!" Calvin yelled as he blocked her attack.   "You can't stop the Empire!" She yelled.
The Inquestion is an elite group of enforcer that hunt the remaining Guardians of the Peace and anyone else with Psionic Gifts to be killed or brought into the fold.


The Grand Inquisitor is in charge and all other Inquisitors report to him. Purge Soliders, who don't have Psionic Gifts report to the Inquisitors. There are a few other military staff that focus on tasks that help keep an organization running that are not hunting the remaining Jagerio Order.


The culture of the Inquisition is somber and is focused on work. All are expected to operate with professionalism within the various Imperial organizations and the Inquisitional Units. However, the Inquisition believe that they are superior and have a tendency to bully other members of their organization, other branches of the military, and civilians.

Public Agenda

Their goal is to wipe out all remaining Jagerio and any other Psionicly Gifted People that pose a threat to the Empire or to recruit them if they have a power that will help the Empire.


The Inquisition has several assets and is well funded by the Empire because the Emperor believes that their work is important. They have access to the Imperial Archives which they use to help find people who meet the criteria of Psionicly Gifted individuals of interest.   The Inquisition has access to various types of ships such as Freighters that bring supplies to their organization, Shuttles to move lots of personal at once, and Fighters. There are personnel that are trained Pilots however most Inquisitors are trained to fly fighters at the very least.   All Inquisitors are equipped with light battle armor and carry Light Blade Staves that have the iconic red blade they are nicknamed after. All Purge Soliders are equipped with Electro Batons and Energy Rifles as their weapons and are dressed in heavy armor.

Mythology & Lore

This religious sect comes from Silaro which is also technically a sect of the Jagerio Order. The Inquisition holds more to the beliefs of the Silaro even though most of the Inquisitors are from the Jagerio Order. Due to the believe in Hasharas as the one who holds the Galaxy together and is where Psionic Gifts comes from.   Beyond Hasharas, they worship The Balanced Ones or are at least one pantheon. The chief god is Rimulan the Balanced Father of the pantheon but he is worshipped that much by the Inquisition. The god in the pantheon that is revered by the Inquisition the most is Zasem the Dark Son. Zasem favors the strong and believes pain brings strength.

Divine Origins

The Inquisition took the place of the Jagerio Order as many of them were once Jagerio Knights and Jagerio Councilors. A few of them still hold to some of the teachings of their youth just not as strictly as they did when they were younger.   Now most only follow Zasem the Son and the embodiment of Darkness who only favors the strong. This is because they believe what they went through to become Inquisitors has made them stronger. Due to this, they believe that the strong are the only ones who should have Psionic Gifts. A few worship Zasem and Rimulan the Father, the God of Balance. However, they don't always say whether or not they worship Rimulan. This is because the Inquisition doesn't care that much for balance as an organization so they keep it to themselves.


The Inquisition is not the most ethical organization within the Empire as they deal with hunting down the few remaining Jagerio to primarily kill them. They also interrogate people and torture them for information or to turn them into new Inquisitors.   They believe that Zasem favors the strong and that the weak must be culled or broken down to nothing and rebuilt to be stronger.

Political Influence & Intrigue

The Inquisition is part of the Imperial Military and works closely with Imperial Security which focuses on spying on the Empire's citizens. Due to this, the Inquisition is important to the different operations in the Empire.   Since Umbra Pater is over the Grand Inquisitor and is the right hand of the Emperor himself the Inquisition involved in some politics. The Inquisition is the one that enforced the laws that made practicing the Jagerio Religion illegal. They can also be sent to kill or punish politicians who are not with the program.
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