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The Inquisitors are the Emperor's most dangerous weapons within his arsenal. The Inquisitor's of the Inquisition are Psionically Gifted and are tasked with hunting down the remnants of the Guardians of the Peace.


All Inquisitors are required to have Psionic Gifts which people are born with or develop as they train for those powers. People who have these gifts are the main targets of the Inquisition as they are often survivors of the Guardians of the Peace from The Purge. Those who are not former members of the Guardians are targeted to be kept away from former Guardians so they don't get trained by the Guardians. If a candidate seems promising they are taken to Oculus Arcis on Nuroniar instead of killed.


Once someone is captured for becoming an Inquisitor they are called Acolytes regardless of how willing the trainee is. The Acolytes are then tortured and broken through various types of abuse physical, mental, and psychological. The Acolyte must be completely broken before they can become Inquisitors.    When the Acolyte is broken they start some training to make sure that they are broken and will be loyal to the Empire and if they show any signs of disloyalty they are tortured again.


Trust must be earned, loyality must be proven.
Acolytes need to pass various trials proving themselves as Inquisitors. The first trial is for combat ability both physical and psionic ability. Their trial is to test their interrogation skills with an actual prisoner passing requires getting a confession through any means including torture. The last trial was a test of loyalty that varies depending on the Acolyte passing this trial often involves doing something that they won't do before becoming an Acolyte.   Once an Acolyte passes all of these trails they are given their old Psilper Crystal from their original Light Blade if they were a Guardian of the Peace. The Acolyte then bleeds the crystal turning it blood red. If they don't have a crystal they are just given a new weapon with their new armor finalizing their new identity as part of the Inquisition.   After this, they are considered Inquisitors and can now go on missions to represent the Empire.


The Inquisitors primarily track down the remnants of the Guardians of the Peace from The Purge who betrayed the Republic as the Separatist War drew to an end.   Their second objective is to find people that have Psionic Gifts and to make sure that these people cannot rise against the Empire. The Inquisition has two ways of going about this task and that is outright killing them or recruiting them to the Inquisition. If a person is captured by the Inquisitors they are tortured and will often be trained as Acolytes to become more Inquisitors.


Outside of going on missions, the Inquisitors are responsible for interrogating criminals and traitors to further safeguard the security of the Empire. They work closely with the Imperial Security and the Imperial Military. Part of the Inquisitor's work with the military is to monitor physical assessments that are given to cadets to see if they meet the special criteria of becoming Inquisitors. If a cadet does meet these requirements they are taken to Oculus Arcis and trained as Inquisitors. When not assessing cadets Inquisitors will go on missions with the military if there are known Guardians of the Peace in the area or the mission is of personal interest to the Emperor and Umbra.   Since there are only a few Inquisitors they all do not like their time or talents to be wasted and this is reflected in the fact that the Emporer, Umbra, or the Grand Inquisitor are the only people who can directly order an Inquisitor around. If an Inquisitor is around there is a good chance that something important is happening in the area. Due to this most people will never get a chance to work with an Inquisitor or other members of the Inquisition.


Given the fact the Inquisitors are tortured as part of their job requirements, it is not a shock that they are not paid. For most of the Inquisitors, it is payment enough to be still alive and not tortured regularly. Since most were members of the Guardians of the Peace who historically never looked to be paid for their work going without pay is normal for them.   They work closely with high ranking Imperial Military and Imperial Security personal and some politicians. All Inquisitors take orders from Umbra Pater who is the hand of the Emperor .b

Accoutrements & Equipment

The Inquisitors all wear light leather armor that is dyed black with metal accents throughout for an overall sharp look that is both dangerous and fashionable. They all also have helmets that they usually wear to make them appear more terrifying and uniform. However, they don't always wear their helmets but it is a standard part of their uniform.   As for standard equipment all Inquisitors use Light Blade Staves which they can fight with in both single and double blade configurations.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

Being an Inquisitor is life ordnance and the only way to be dismissed is to be killed by the Grand Inquisitor, Umbra, or the Emperor . This happens when they fail a mission or disappoint the Inquisition in one way or another.
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Inquisitors are equal in rank to the Agent from the Imperial Secret Security. However, if there is an Agent and an Inquisitor on the same mission the Inquisitor outranks the Agent. They are on relatively equal footing because of how their organizations fit into the overall Imperial Military.
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