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Inquisitional Unit

As they got off the train Calvin noticed that it was not a contraband check as Purge Soliders where lining everyone up and pointing their Energy Rifles at the Scrappers. Calvin took his place in the line trying to figure out what he could do. Two ships landed and three Inquisitors disembarked and approached the scrappers.
The Inquisition does their missions in several units that are made up of one or more Inquisitors and a handful of specially trained Purge Soliders in extreme cases.



A typical unit from the Inquisition is made up of one Inquisitor and five Purge Troopers.   There are a few units that are made up of two or three Inquisitors without any Purge Troopers. These units typically are doing recon missions that do not need a massive escort. They are often hunting down surviving Jagerio or tracking down whispers of children that are Psionically Gifts to take to Oculus Arcis.   Other variants of the Inquisition units are one Inquisitor with five or ten Purge Troopers that focus on hunting one person or more in a wide area. However, some units just have Purge Soliders these are led by Purge Commander usually without an Inquisitor present. The Commander will be reporting to an Inquisitor regardless where the Inquisitor is on the status of the mission.


Inquisitors wear light combat armor often with helmets that cover their full heads which they are not allowed to take off during missions. Some will even wear capes for the drama that capes bring but will often ditch the cape for serious combat. Purge Soliders wear heavy armor that also has helmets that cover all of their heads.


The Inquisitors all carry the red bladed Light Blade Staff that has two blades made of light, heat, and a concentrated laser powered by Psilper Crystal. The other thing that separates the Inquisitors from the Purge Soliders is the Psionic Gifts they have which allows them to do things like Telekinesis, Psychokinesis and other such gifts. The Jagerio Order once believed that these powers came from Hasharas. The Inquisitors believe that their powers are earned through Zasem the Dark One who only values strength.   Purge Soliders use Energy Rifles for their long-range weapons and can expertly switch to Electro Batons for their close range combat. Some also carry Electro Grenades that can stun people with electric shocks.


There are two types of vehicles that the Inquisition uses. First is Shuttles for the personal transport primarily for Purge Soliders but some Inquisitors use these transports because they don't like to fly themselves. The second ship that they often use is Fighters which is often flown by Inquisitors.


Purge Soliders are the lowest ranking in the Inquisition but they outrank normal soldiers in the military with these troops reporting to the Purge Troopers at times. Purge Soldiers are often in squads of five and they report to a Purge Commander. The Purge Commanders report to Inquisitors and it is not uncommon for five different commanders to report to one Inquisitor and sometimes two. The Inquisitors within the organization report to the Grand Inquisitor who is in charge. However, the Grand Inquisitor reports to Umbra Pater who is the second in command of the Empire and is in change of the Imperial Military.


"It looks like the Dojo back at the Temple but it feels wrong," Calvin observed to his droid who trilled at him.
Training is brutal for Inquisitors and Purge Soliders that is constantly training through sparing and sharping their skills. Sometimes they will work on forms outside of sparing but not often. This is because the Inquisition believes that strength is important and if you can't survive in the Dojo then you won't make it in the field. Inquisitors will practice their Psionic Gifts on each other and the Purge Soliders in similar sparing exercises.



The Inquisition is capable of calling the Imperial Military to support them for various reasons and to help them with their missions. In return, the Inquisition and its units help the military deal with Psionicly Gifted individuals.   Imperial Secret Security works closely with the Inquisition as their goals are aligned in rooting out all traitors to the Empire and getting rid of all remaining Jagerio.


"Ya'know I was once a Jagerio Knight," the Tenth Sister said.
There are different criteria for recruiting that the Inquisition uses. The Purge Soliders are recruited from the Imperial Military when they show great promise and if they wanted to be part of something more than than just the military. They have to be fit and perform better than other soldiers.   Inquisitors are recruited differentially as they are recruited from the population. The people who are considered to be Inquisitors are Psionicly Gifted and are often surviving Jagerio. Those that survived The Purge that knelt to the new Empire were the first Inquisitors after being tortured. They would then hunt and kill other survivors those who prove to be resourceful are captured instead of killed. The newly captured Initiate are then tortured until they break like all of the other Inquisitors and become new Inquisitors.
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