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Mark of Power

He got cleaned up a bit but not much as there was no running water and looked at his own mark of power. The mark looked like a shadow full of sorrow telling his tragic past at a glance. Aran covered the mark again and heard a starship flying overhead.
- Mark of Power: The Specters, Chapter 1 The Wind Chime
Everyone born in the Galaxy has a blank Mark of Power that is on one of their hands, usually the dominant one. The mark documents the history of the person who has it and the powers they have developed through their skills and talents. Many of the powers in the Galaxy can be learned through practice and study, and very few are gifts. The few Destiny Marks that do exist come from The Balanced Ones a popular pantheon that is worshipped throughout the Galaxy. Destiny Marks are celebrated when found.


Marks of Power show up on people's hands when a child is born as a birthmark. Everyone is born with one and they are usually blank showing the potential of the new life. The marks contrast with the skin tone of the people who have them so they can be seen easily. However, there are rare cases where children are born with a Destiny Mark that sets them apart for something in the future. Some Destiny Marks are not seen until the child grows up a bit more like in the case of the Oracle.   As children grow up the Marks of Power changes from blank to having symbols that reflect their lives and show their powers and abilities. The symbols that show up on the child are based on their cultural iconography. This way all marks across cultures are unique. Powers can be Psionic Gifts that allow Telekinesis or proficiency with a Blaster to extraordinary luck. These can show that someone is good at art, sports, military tactics, and so much more. The marks will always show all of the successes and failures that the person goes through.   Marks of Power also chronicles the past of the person that has them. It marks the firsts from kisses to days at school. Major life events are marked on them by life's victories such as marriage, children, promotions, and traveling the stars among all other victories. The mark also writes about the person's failures from crimes, arrests, divorce, and miscarriage, leading people to their deaths and other such failures. Even things that happen to the person such as various abuse are forever marked on them.    To pull up this information the individual can pull their Mark up and see their whole past. When an arrest is happening a person is being processed the mark is scanned in its entirety. It is not uncommon for some organizations to scan their members' marks the Jagerio Order was one such organization. The Empire encourages their people to submit to scans for galactic security.   For most people and cultures Marks of Power is considered to be private, therefore it is encouraged to cover the mark with some sort of glove.
Metaphysical, Divine


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