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All Seers are born from the Zandari Family line that is known for having Seers. There are no known Seers born outside of this line which has made the line protected by the Silaro and the line is maintained. All Seers are born or develop a Mark of Power or a Destiny Mark that signals that they are the Seer and they get Precognition visions of the future.


According to the records of the Silaro Empire all Seers are born to the Zandari Family and are marked with a Destiny Mark that shows they are the Seer. The Seer's mark shows as part of their Mark of Power.


The new Seer is fully recognized when the previous Seer dies they take on the full responsibility of the Seer. There are no ceremonies for the Seer when they are fully realized but they will get more visions more often. These visions will also come with more severe pain than what they experience when the previous Seer was alive.


The duties of the Seer is to use their gift of Precognition to see the future and to advise the Emperor or the Eternal Emperor depending if they are serving the Silaro Empire or the Zandari Empire.   The Seer does their duties in a few ways first of which they advise the Emporer on what to do with their visions. Advising the Emporer and other such people is the easy part of the job. The Seer often meditates to see the future so they can advise the Emperor. However, since the visions cause pain to the Seer they sometimes don't want to focus on the future which can result in the Inquisition torturing the Seer and locking them into states of visions.


The responsibility of the Seer is to meditate to see the future to advise the Emporer on what they see.


The only benefit of note for the Seer is that they spend a lot of time with the Emperor or the Eternal Emperor and other powerful political leaders in the Empire or the Zandari Empire.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

The rank of Seer is served for life and since it is based on the Seer's Mark of Power.


Since the title is tied closely to the Zandari Family the history of the Seer is connected to the family's. The old Silaro Empire once enslaved the Zandari and the family member that is identified as the Seer during that time were often tortured and drugged to induce visions.   It took a lot of work for the Zandari to work their way up out of slavery and it was the Eternal Emperor Ilishen Zandari and is sister Loshina the Seer. They did this by founding their empire which is historically called the Zandari Empire which resulted in one of the longest periods of peace in the Galaxy.   However, that time ended faster than what people were hoping for when Ilishen and Loshina were both assassinated. Ilishin's children were taken by the Guardians of the Peace and the Silaro with his firstborn being taken by the Guardians and the one that was going to be the Seer was taken by the Silaro. After this, it was believed that the lines were lost.
Magical, Honorific
Form of Address
Equates to
The rank and title of Seer is equal to the Guardians' Oracle title as they do similar things for their organizations.
Source of Authority
The Seer's Mark of Power
Length of Term
Current Holders
Past Holders


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