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The gift of precognition and foresight is a rare gift and an uncommon Mark of Power. The most famous individuals with this power are the Jagerio's Oracle and the Silaro Seer who both advice their respected organizations on the future. Most other Psionicly Gifted people can also see glimpses of the future but their visions are not as clear as the Oracle or the Seer.


When a psionic user uses this ability they will see glimpses of the future that may seem disorientated. On the outside, it may not look like the person is having a vision but is either doing a task or meditating.

Side/Secondary Effects

It is common for psionic users to feel light-headed and weak after the vision passes depending on the vision they may feel sad, angry, hopeful, happy, or any other emotion.   The Seer has slightly different side effects than the Oracle. Seers suffer from chronic pain and migraines when they have their visions where compulsions are also not uncommon. When a vision is done Seers can temporality forget who they are and where they are because of how captured they are by their visions.


When a psionic user has a vision they may appear to be fine but they will seem confused when the vision is over. This is at least what visions are like for Oracle and other psionic users.   For the Seers they experience great pain during and after the vision. Before a vision starts the Seer will often get a nosebleed which is a signal to them to get to a safe place before the vision comes at full force.


It is believed that the popular pantheon The Balanced Ones is where the power comes from. The power is gained through meditation but Oracles and Seers are born with Destiny Marks that signal them as being able to see the future clearer than others.
Related Deity/Higher Power
Gestures & Ritual
Most OraclesSeers, and psionic users will medicate in various ways to allow their minds to be clear so they can see the future as the gods present it. However, the ability can come on its own without warning outside of meditation but meditation is a helpful exercise to them.
Related Discipline
Related School
Effect Duration
A single moment to a few hours depending on the vision.
Applied Restriction
Many cannot see the far future so they can cannot see the end of wars or other such long standing events.


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