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Windowspine Gulch

Windowspine Gulch is a patch of relatively dry terrain located on Southern F2 at the foot of the vertex mountains between F1, F2, and F5.

Fauna & Flora

The name of the Windowspine Gulch derives from its unusual preponderance of plant and animal life incorporating silicate as a form of protective measure - specifically, fields of shardleaf through which Distal razorback frequently rush on the hunt for urticators. The wind sweeps up scintillating - and dangerous - currents of cast-off shardleaf dross, creating a famous crunchy, tinkling sound as it passes through the leaves of the plants. Floating briars are also known to take root in the surrounding hills where patches of Penrose fescue provide places for the briars to 'snag' and take root.   Shardleaf dross, floating briar leaves, and some insects (of both amino chiralities) make up the foundations of the local food chain. Flying Distal scavengers, like flabbergrypes and flashravens, have thus far been unable to carve out a niche in the region in part because of the danger of impalement presented merely by approaching the ground.


The uniquely prickly nature of the wildlife, as well as the reknowned seasonal aurorae of the Southern Tesseract, are potent draws for aesthetes with a taste for danger. Eco-tourists with the Burning Hearts Social Club and artists (especially glaziers) from the Wadoona Movement have often made the journey to Windowspine Gulch to observe, photograph, and study the unique biome from a safe distance. The accelerated mutation rate in the area as a result of bioaccumulated radioactive materials has produced great biodiversity both within and between the local species, making the Windowspine Gulch a place of interest for biologists. Indeed, the Verdant Order, in their quest to perhaps bring about an age of racemic verdials, surreptitiously watches the region for signs of ann newly-evolved ability to digest amino acids regardless of chirality.


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