Jester's Ruby

'Jester's ruby' is a regional variant of quarts that features extensive red and gold inclusions. Prized in Voxelian gemology as a natural 'homage' to the Voxelian national colors, Jester's ruby often finds use in various works of the Voxelian Idealist Movement.


Material Characteristics

Jester's ruby is not generally 'true' ruby, but it does occur in and around deposits of ruby and may feature ruby inclusions. More often, the red and gold structures within jester's ruby are actually comprised of rutile or brookite, the different polymorphs of which exhibit different colors due to refraction.

History & Usage

Cultural Significance and Usage

Aside from being cut for use in jewelry or as art objects in their own right, the titanium-based deposits that may occur within and around jester's ruby may be broken down for use in the creation of paints. One niche application of jester's ruby is as coatings in the production of ultraviolet-resistant auto-armor canopies and optics for use in the Distal Tesseract where those wavelengths compise the majority of ambient sunlight.


Cover image: by BCGR_Wurth


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