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Minor Characters

This article includes necessary information for minor or unimportant characters mentioned in other articles.   Marta Anzora- Kalia Anzora's caretaker, Kyren Anzora's mother. Deceased.   Dalivan Treadnight- Sir Alton Treadnight's oldest and favorite son, killed in a riot against the monarchy. His death led his father to declare war. Deceased.   Salena Kalderon Treadnight- Sir Alton Treadnight's first wife, a noblewoman. Died of a fever after giving birth to Dalivan. Deceased.   Talla Gale Treadnight- Sir Alton Treadnight's second wife, a peasant girl. Died in childbirth of her son, who was named Galen after her maiden name. Deceased.   Mrs. Gilmore- An innkeeper in Starlin, whom Kalia briefly works for.   Lareya- A Rogue Commander who worked with Adamon Blackhold before his defection. Snakelike both in appearance and manner, Lareya captured Kalia, not knowing who she was,and handed her over to Faron Alamar after revealing to the princess that the Rogue Band was allied with Sir Alton.   Coltin- Lareya's partner, a bowman.

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Author's Notes

As of the completion of Book One, these characters are minor or unimportant. Some may become more central later. In this event, they will be given an article of their own.

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