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The Great Mammoth Feast


  At the height of winter in the capital kingdom of Culvingarrd, an old tradition takes place once per year. Many of the dwarves from around Worheim are invited and join in on the festivities. The Capitol will cook and prepare two whole wooly mammoths for the entire kingdom to feast. Its a celebration of the dwarves and for the dwarves who call Worheim home.  

Starting the Celebrations:

  The King and Quen join in on a massive Mammoth with the civilians of Culvingarrd. The hunt is a way for the King, Queen, and royal family to spend some quality time with the people they are governing. The hunt is designed to feed most of Culvingarrd, and the goal is to take the two most colossal mammoths in the herd. Once the Mammoths have been cornered, the dwarves make swift work of putting the creatures down, so they don't die a gruesome and bloody death. Once dead they are then transported back to Culvingarrd in a row of carts as far as the eye can see. The meat is cleaned and prepped into different recipes favored by the people during this time of year.  

The Main Course:

  • The main dish that is served at the feast is a hearty Mammoth Stew with Potatoes and Frost Turnips. Most of the common people eat the soup as a favored dish as the cooks in the kitchen season the stew with a rare medley of spices only served during the festival.
  • Mammoth steaks are made for most of the noble houses and countless warriors. The steak is served with wild Mushrooms and a Mammoth fat glaze.
The king and queen get the prized dishes. Mammoth Liver with garlic and onions and bone marrow soup.

Paying Tribute:

  Before the feast is to take place, they take time to recognize the great beasts that gave them the bounty and to the great Irial for providing such a bounty.  

Unique Utensils:

  As is the tradition in the land during the feast, only utensils made of mammoth bone are to be used.


The first Queen of Culvingarrd had seen the needs of the small folk and told her warriors to bring down one of the great mammoths. The beast was cleaned and prepared for the small folk and the tradition took hold and has been held every year. The celebrations are a a way to show gratitude for the people who live in the region and to pay respects to the Lord irial.


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