The Desolate Lands [Inktober Prompt #20 Tread]


  Few travel through the Desolate Lands to the east of the Tazalt Mountains and for good reasons. The land is hot and barren with scare food and even scarcer sources of water. If the land itself doesn't claim your life, then the inhabitants more than likely will. The worst and most vile of these is the festering goblins who tunnel beneath the sands and hills.   A few things to keep in mind when encountering a group of Goblins:   First, do not run; if you run, it becomes a game to the goblins, and you surely will not like it when they win.   The second tip is, don't try and attack them right away as more than likely before you kill one a dart filled with who knows what will impale you in the neck....death is all but inevitable.   Third, it is a good practice to carry treasures from other lands with you as the Goblins are susceptible to bribery. If you attempt to bribe them with riches from Lahar, they will cook you into that evening's soup.

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