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Mammoths of Worheim.

The Hairy Transport.


  The realm of Worheim is home to multiple Mammoth Herds who call the frozen plains in the area home. Great massive beast ner the height of 8 dwarves stacked shoulder on shoulder, with a thick matted coat of black fur. Being the most massive land animal in the realm proved to make this magnificent creature invaluable for the dwarves who lived here. Hunting the Mammoths early on was a great way to collect a large number of valuable resources, but that proved to serve only a small need for the growing civilization. As populations grew, so did the need for agriculture, war, and transport. The mammoths of the land helped the dwarves progress in each of these categories immensely.  


  The Mammoths live in multiple tundras throughout the realm of Worheim. Their populations are quite healthy, and herds can be found almost anywhere.  


  The dwarves have proved to be resourceful, and even though they live in the tundra, they have ways to farm this unforgiving land. The mammoths are a valuable tool providing muscle power to drag plows when planting seeds, giving manure for fertilizer and helping to haul harvests to the market for sale.  


  Being as big as the mammoths are they can travel vast distances with greater ease and speed than a small dwarf could on foot. Transporting multiple dwarves from kingdom to kingdom has proved to bring the nations of the dwarves closer as a community.  


  The mammoths have proved their uses in combat more than once for the dwarves here. Few other kingdoms have tried to infringe on the dwarven communities in Worheim, and all have failed. The mammoths that train with the dwarves are a formidable foe in their regards, crushing into enemy lines and soaking up arrows. The Mammoths have helped to push back invaders into the homeland, but haven't been used much outside the kingdom as their thick coats of fur tend to cause problems in warmer climates.


  As the Wooly Mammoths are covered in a thick coat of fur it would be near impossible for them to live in any of the warmer regions of Magmoia.

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