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Overcoming death with magic

The question of resurrecting the dead and immortality was discussed by Humans for a very long time and is nowhere near the end. People are divided into groups. One which says that magic is a gift and humanity should use it to overcome all obstacles put by nature, including death and the other which says that death is part of the natural order of things and should not be messed with. Currently, one of the biggest arguments against resurrection is that most resurrection spells are blood magic, which is illegal under the Blood Magic Ban and Magical Security Act of 1970.

Famous resurrected people

  • Julius Caesar - some people claim that Octavian attempted to resurrect him, but instead Caesar's spirit inhabited Octavian's body.
  • Jesus Christ - resurrected by God the Father after being crucified. Ascended to Heaven.
  • Napoleon - after resurrection tried to rebuild his empire, but failed. Died on the island of Saint Helena.

Views on resurrection

Against resurrection

Catholic Church

The Catcholic Church, as all Christian Churches, opposes resurrection. They say that death is part of the natural order created by God. Any attempts to manipulate it are seen by the Church as playing god.


Doctors advice against resurrection. According to them the human body wasn't meant for such things and effects may be catastrophic.

For resurrection


Some magic-users say that attempts to outlaw resurrection is against their freedom. According to them every case should be considered seperately. The system should only provide magic-users with good education and training to perform a resurrection spell properly. They never said that resurrection should be a common practice.

Anti-death fanatics

Anti-death fanatics believe that humans should use any means necessary to overcome obstacles which the world throws at them. They view death as one such obstacles. Their goal is immortality of all Humans.


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