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Bianca Contini

Councilor Bianca Contini (she/her)

Bianca Contini is an Italian-born Vampire and one of the current members of the Blood Council of Europe. She is the only member of the council that was born human and spent many years as a Human before being turned into a Vampire with the Curse of Blood. It is said that Bianca is the first turned with the Curse in hundreds of years.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Bianca was born in Milan, Italy in 1965. She spent all her childhood and teenage years there before moving to Rome to study at the university. After her studies, Bianca decided to get into politics and joined a party with which she ran first for the city council and later for parliament. In 1999 one of her political opponenents wanted to discredit her and hire a blood mage to do so. The blood mage casted the Curse of Blood on Bianca and made it look like she did that on her own. Bianca's lack of magical abilities quickly killed any allegations of using blood magic, but she still was a Vampire. Fear of Vampires ended Bianca's political career, or so she thought. She quickly got involved with the Italian vampire community. Thanks to her political experience she gathered a lot of support and became a prominent local leader. Her election to the Blood Council was only a matter of time.

Failures & Embarrassments

Though there was nothing she could have done to stop her transformation into a Vampire, Bianca has always felt a lot of embarrassment because of it. Her family and friends turning back on her didn't help with the transition. Even today, when she has seemingly embraced her new life, she feels sad about it.

Personality Characteristics


Bianca has always wanted to make the world a better place for everybody. She believes in equality in every aspect of life and for everyone. Being turned into a Vampire which forced her into a feared and misunderstood group only strengthened her will to fight for it.

Virtues & Personality perks

She is a compassionate person that cares about others. When she is not at home or at work, Bianca can often be found helping at shelters for poor and homeless or directly helping those in need.


Contacts & Relations

All of her friends turned their back on her when she became a Vampire. Most of her current friends are other Vampires from Rome and Dresden. Those are people who helped her through the hardest years of her life.

Family Ties

Bianca lost all contact with her family after she became a Vampire. In his last message her father told her that his daughter has died and a monster wears her face. Though she seems like she got over it, she didn't. To this day Bianca has moments when she sits on her bed at home and cries thinking about her family.

Picture by KajetanWrites with MidJourney
Year of Birth
1965 CE 54 Years old
Current Residence
Long, black
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Aligned Organization
Known Languages
  • Italian (native)
  • English
  • German

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