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Vampiric Pheromones

At the turn of the 20th and the 21st centuries a strange phenomenon occured in Vampires. Humans seemed to have become more attracted sexually to them than before. It didn't take much time for scientists to discover a genetic mutation that caused Vampires to produce huge numbers of pheromones. At first only human women were affected by them, but it quickly started to affect men and non-binary people as well. Strangely, it doesn't affect how sexual attraction works between Vampires.


Currently there is no permament cure for the vampiric pheromones. However, there are ways of limiting them or blocking them completely. Both Humans and Vampires can wear special enchanted amulets. The human ones create a magical barrier that blocks the pheromones from reaching the person. The vampire ones suppress the pheromone production, making them less intense.

Affected Groups

All Vampires, regardless of sex, gender or age, have this mutation. It is also present in vampiric children, but lays dormant until puberty. Most parents give their children a suppressing amulet, even if they don't wear one themselves. In many countries such amulet is required by law and schools are allowed to expel vampiric students who don't wear one on the school premises.

Cultural Reception

Vampires are divided on the topic of the pheromones. Some think of them as a nuisance and strongly advocate for a cure, while others enjoy the benefits of the mutation. The Blood Council of Europe doesn't have an official stance on the subject, but many of its members privately endorses the efforts for developing a cure.

Don't be such a killjoy! Live your life! You can have any guy, girl or non-binary!
— A Vampire to his friend

Humans are much more united on this topic than Vampires. Majority of them views the pheromones as anything from a nuisance to a potential threat. In many countries laboratories working on a cure receive additional funding from their government.

Chronic, Congenital
Affected Species


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Interesting condition, I can see why people want to limit it with the amulets :p

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Thank you for the comment! Yes, without the amulets it could get out of hand fast!

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This is a really interesting take on the popular trope of humans always finding vampires so sexy. I enjoyed reading about it.

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I loved reading your article on stream! This is such a fun take on vampire attraction and it's interesting to see the discourse between those who do and don't see it as an issue requiring a cure. It adds a lot of depth to the vampires to know their values and desires differ so much!

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