What if the Romans had magic? is not exactly an original question, but it is the one that began this adventure. Macalgra is a world of ancient technology and fantastical magitech, watched over by a host of Lovecraftian deities and inhabited by humanity and its strange cousins.

In the beginning . . . .Guamata was the darkness who crept from the chasm of chaos in the beginning of time. Behind him came the gods, who tricked and trapped the darkness beyond the fringes of time and existence, and in the space left empty they shaped a world for their amusement and called it Macalgra.

On Macalgra, magic drives every conflict. From war to national politics the eternal presence of magic in every facet of society has shaped the history of the world. Magic built the Sura Empire, though it now be ancient and slowly crumbling its vast presence is still felt on every shore. Magic fuels the great trade routes that ply across the entire world with the help of magitech, and magic leads the march in war.

Magic has made life much easier for many but the power of magic can do great evil. Magic has obliterated entire civilisations. In this day and age societies have responded in many ways to its inescapable presence. On Pascent the prosperous Kingdom of Juventius bribes mages to its cause with wealth; across the ocean the Priesthood of the One and Six Gods enslaves magic wielders at the edge of cold iron blades.


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Xanthuss @XanthussMarduk

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Half Souled (Forjorni: Alf Salled) is a Forjorni belief that holds that men or women who experience attraction exclusively to the same gender are seeking the other half of their soul. Forjorni folk religion holds that these individuals were born with a split soul, their other half born elsewhere, and their soul will always seek to find the other half within another man or woman.

Similar beliefs are found in other cultures across Macalgra.

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#forjorn #forjorni #homoexuality #LGBT 
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12 Mar, 2018
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12 Mar, 2018


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12 Mar, 2018 13:43

That is so very beautiful in some ways

13 Mar, 2018 05:11

Ooooo! This is really interesting :D It's a very interesting take on gay, lesbian, and I can see bisexuals included in there as well. :) Kind of reminds me of something I'm doing, only with gender identity.

13 Mar, 2018 14:13

Thank you :) I tried to represent that.