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The Book of Prophecies




Long ago when Mayim first created the Humans she sent four Sisters to guide them. These sisters would become the first High Priestesses of the High Church. With them Mayim sent a book. This book would hold instructions, orders, and prophecies that the Sisters were to follow. Each year the Sisters would read the book and update it. They would remove old prophecies and put in new ones. When the Sisters died of the Human Plague the book would be given to the new High Priestesses. In order for everyone to follow the will of Mayim this book would be copied, printed, and sent to every church. Thus the mass distribution of the Book of Prophecies began.   


The Book of Prophecies is filled with instructions, stories, and prophecies on how a faithful member of the High Church should live their lives. It contains the story of the Human and the Heart, the Creation Story, and the stories of how Mayim killed each of the other gods. The goal of the book it to show what happens to the faithful of Mayim and what punishments befall those who disobey. 

Historical Details


The Book of Prophecies has been expanded over the years and new prophecies are revealed and some are fulfilled. Generally prophecies that are fulfilled are not included in new editions as to make the book a manageable size. Currently there are over a thousond prophecies that have been created and recorded.


The book was created by the first set of High Priestesses over two thousand years ago, since then it has only grown more powerful and larger. In the current era there are less followers of Mayim but the book still holds a place of importance for many outside the High Church.

Current Date -
The Yet Unnamed Year of 1494 ce

Text, Religious
Signatories (Organizations)


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