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Zoya was a mysterious wanderer. Rumor has it that she came from a noble family, but she left them behind, and turned to explore the Old Ways. She went about dressed in wolf fur, and was accompanied by a cat.   While looking to sell thistles in the summer residence of the Archbishop of Ladeisk, she overheard that some of the archbishop's people, including Fedor, Innokentii Fedorovich (Kesha), and Alden Gravenitch, were looking for volunteers to help them capture the rogue miller Zbigniev Dragutinovich, and bring him to justice. She traveled with them to the Village of Vladykino, which had recently been sacked by Kochmak raiders. There, inside the mill, she was magically assaulted by the miller, who managed to put her and her cat to sleep. When she woke, she found that Kesha had subdued the miller, and dominated him to accompany them back to Malinka. The miller subsequently admitted that he was grinding bones into coins, though he denied having killed anyone. Zoya took a share of Zbigniev's ill-gotten wealth from the mill.   While traveling back, she and her companions were again assaulted by Zbigniev, who breathed fire, burned through his bonds, and once again succeeded in putting Zoya and her hapless cat to sleep. Kesha once again managed to subdue the miller, and then convinced the rest of his companions to get him to Malinka alive. Once there, Zoya decided that her time was better spent looking for thistles to sell, and left the party.   She was last seen by the other companions trying to sell thistles in front of the main church in Malinka.   Zoya appears in Chapters 2 and 3.


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