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Yushko - Zinovii's servitor

This is a domestic servant who is part of Zinovii's entourage. He delivers messages for his master, and controls access to his chambers. After Zinovii fled the city to Shatkal, Yushko accompanied him, and then accompanied the party when they fled across the river to avoid being captured by the raiders.   The party then dropped back to lure the riders into a trap, managed to defeat them, and made its way to Yaqub's hill. Here, they slaughtered some fiery snakes, while Yushko hung back. He was bitten by one of the snakes, but managed to survive. Then, they found their way into a cave hidden by an illusion, figured out how to open a magical portal, and made their way down into a subterranean passageway, where they unfortunately set off a trap and an alarm. Yushko hung back with his master, but when it seemed that the serpent appeared, and started breathing flames that reached into the staircase, they fled and joined the rest of the group. In the travails that followed, Yushko somehow escaped being killed by dogheads, a scaly little dragonoid, and the cook who cast fireballs. He then lay low in the library with his master until Yaqub's arrival, and hung back in the columned hallway during the party's battle with the serpent in the lower part of the lair. He was then sent, along with his master, and Alden, to keep an eye on the prisoners as the rest of the party dispelled the curse on the captives, and negotiated with the vizier to allow them to return home unharmed.   After accompanying the group to Ladeisk, Yusho departed for Kliakva with his master. To the best of anyone's knowledge, he is currently there now.   He appears incidentally from Chapter 9 onwards, but makes a formal appearance in Chapter 12, when he informs the companions that his master intends to leave town in response to Yuri Barolov's arrest. He appears in Chapter 13 by name, when he travels with Anatoly and Zinovii from Udyn to Shatkal, and then Chapters 15, 16, 17, 19, 20, 21, 22, and 23.


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