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A vizier is a viceroy, prime minister, chief of staff, and advisor rolled up in one. Viziers head up governing cabinets, or divans, in khanates, amirates and other states among the Rakhmany and the Kochmaki.   Though they serve at the pleasure of a khan or amir, viziers are often the ones that exercise de fact power in a realm. While a khan might be busy fighting on campaign, indulging in hunting, drinking, or romanic pursuits, or simply content to be a ceremonial figurehead who is uninterested in governing, a vizier is the one who devotes themselves to the everyday tasks of ruling a kingdom - collecting taxes and duties, minting coins, uncovering plots and spies, rooting out traitors, organizing defenses, receiving envoys, and keeping other officials in line. As a result, much of the dirty work of governing gets done by a vizier, and therefore, much of the blame for things that go wrong accrue to a vizier as well. At the top of their game, viziers wield tremendous power, but they also tend to have short life expectancy, especially once an amir or khan turn against them.   Viziers can come from any background, and are frequently non-aristocratic childhood friends of titular rulers (until they fall afoul of them).

Nobility, Non-hereditary
Source of Authority
Appointment by a khan or amir
Length of Term
Until dismissed or killed
Reports directly to
Related Locations

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